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Manpower Recruitment Services

Recruitment process outsourcing is a smart way to ask experts to perform recruitment tasks that your internal human resource department may not be capable of handling or may not have the time to handle. This is the best way to get these jobs done in an optimum and efficient manner.

Recruiting the right people for different job profiles or functions is no child’s play, especially when you are not used to recruiting for that pay grade, position, or function. When you are recruiting people for a position or function that you are used to hiring for, you always have a network that you can turn to for finding the right people. You would know how to conduct interviews, what questions to ask, and what to look for in candidates to find the suitable employee for the company. You find it comfortable to recruit for those positions.

But when you are recruiting for a position or role that you haven’t recruited for before, it can be challenging, time consuming and expensive to build this recruiting network from scratch. One of the best solutions available for you to ensure that the people you eventually hire are best suited for their respective roles is taking advantage of  manpower services. Whether you are looking to hire temporary, permanent or contractual workers, your manpower recruitment service providers can help you find the required resources.

How do we achieve excellence in our recruitment –

  • Data based recruiting – handled through our comprehensive database of resumes compiled through a variety of scientifically devised activities, thus making our repository unique.
  • Database of thousands of candidates that allows us to fulfill manpower supply demands in most efficient and cost-effective manners.
  • Providing with best of candidates who are highly suitable for the position and job profile that are well within company’s description.
  • Dedicated teams for timely delivery of our commitments.
  • Experienced & specialized head hunting team for critical assignments with limited timelines
  • Thorough candidate assessment by our experts
  • Candidate background checking to assure the authenticity in our services.

 At Next vision technologies, we have a simple objective of adding value to the recruitment process of our clients, which we do by ensuring that our manpower quality meets our clients’ requirements, working closely with the in-house HR team to fulfill these requirements.

Contractual Staffing

Skilled and qualified candidates, whenever required, help an organization to meet its goals and deliver the promises on time, without any additional burden on the company. This is what Next Vision Technologies helps you with in contractual staffing. A well-trained employee is an asset to a company. We help in providing our clients with the best suitable candidate for the desired job. We offer contract staffing solutions to supplement the HR strategy of the client with the right kind of talent. Since contract personnel are less demanding as they are temporary in nature, it is always advisable to engage their services and save money and time.

We work with skilled professionals to provide the perfect solution to the client and also evaluate and suggest the right individuals who can deliver the best results to a company. The main function is to find qualified staff to work and deliver contract staffing solutions as per the client’s specifications. We help in finding the right fit for the requirements.
In addition to supplying human resources, we also take care of employee payrolls, conduct training programs, the orientation of employees, etc.

Next Vision Technologies is a trusted name when it comes to contractual staffing services. Our clients can vouch for the quality of the talent we provide. For every requirement and specifications of the clients, we have everything and more that you would look for in a contractual staffing firm.

Contractual staffing is a time-saving process, as it eliminates long stages of the recruitment process. You can hire temporary talent to fulfill your work requirements as soon as possible.Contractual staffing helps to save money in health insurance, daily allowance, provident funds, etc.It helps the management to fill in the immediate requirement of manpower when there are promotions, transfers, retirements and other changes occur.


Human Resource outsourcing is the process of trusting a third-party HR firm with your entire Human Resource functions or a part of it. The third-party Human Resource outsourcing services provider comeswith the expertise, resources, talent and technology required for the job. There could be several reasons for a business to outsource the human resource –          you want to free your in house HR team of some responsibilities, you want to make your internal HR to focus on other vital aspects, or you want a team that specializes in several aspects of human resources to work together with your internal HR team for better results. Outsourcing HR is in no way an easy feat that many think it is. That is why Next Vision Technologies is right outsourcing partner that works as an extension to your in house HR department and understands your unique HR management challenges; the process will be harmonious and mutually beneficial to both parties.

Here are a few advantages of Next Vision Technologies HR outsourcing:

  • One of the biggest benefits of hiring us to manage the HR function on your behalf is the flexibility. You can ask for particular HR outsourcing services you require at a particular time and then add or remove based on your requirements.
  • We offer services that include tracking overall employee performance and suggesting training for those who need to improve.
  • It is cost effective to outsource the administrative and time consuming functions to HR specialists rather than having your internal team look into these matters.
  • Weensure greater efficiency in different human resources processes. By working with Next Vision Technologies, you will be able to manage payroll, administration, compliance, and other HR functions in effective and efficient way. In addition to this, you will get more time and resources to focus on strategic, business related HR tasks which simply cannot be outsourced.

Candidates Background Verification

Candidates’ background verification is one of the most important aspects in hiring any employee. As a HR firm we ensure the complete background verification of our candidates’. The background verification includes the educational, employment details, address verification, criminal records, complete documents verification to get the correct details and information about the candidates.

The process is essential to provide the relevant data and to ensure that authenticity of the candidate and to make sure that any kind of misinformation or misrepresentation is tracked in time.

The background verification includes the educational, employment details, address verification, criminal records, complete documents verification to get the correct details and information about the candidates. The process is essential to provide the relevant data and to ensure that authenticity of the candidate and to make sure that any kind of misinformation or misrepresentation is tracked in time.

Business Consulting

The market space for HR consulting services works in eight areas: Human Resource Strategy, Compensation & Benefits, Organizational Change, HR Function, Talent Management, HR Analytics, Learning & Development and HR Technology.

HR strategy includes a variety of strategic work in the HR domain, such as defining a corporate culture, organizational design, setting up a personnel strategy that supports key pillars in the organization, as well as the making HR strategies in the area of diversity, recruitment and talent managementamong others.

Compensation &benefits, a segment otherwise known as  total rewards, looks at all aspects of employee compensation and benefits from base and variable pay to bonus schemes and other secondary benefits across the entire organization – from upper level to employees on the work floor. It also includes pensions / retirement consulting, and advisory services tied to health and welfare.Organizational change encompasses the personnel side of change, aimed at successfully guiding and embedding changes in organizational structure, ways of working, or cultural changes within anorganization.

Change management stands at the Centre of the service area, spanning advisory expertise to tools and interventions, with leadership alignment, stakeholder management, change interventions and cultural management being the main focus. The HR functions area focus on improving the functioning of the HR department. Services vary from developing and implementing an HR target or delivery model, to the implementation of HR systems and technologies, or other HR transformations that increases processes and organizational efficiency.

Talent management involves all activities required to recruit, retain and develop talent, as well as establishing the right structure and processes to ensure that professionals’ skills and talent is utilized optimally. The important tasks include strategic workforce planning – the forecasting of present and future human capital needs by matching business goals with HR data – recruitment & retention, workforce effectiveness and performance management. With the rise of data and new technologies, HR analytics has grown into a full-fledged service area within HR consulting. It focuses on applying analytic processes to the human capital spectrum, with the key objective of adding insights and value to HR activities.

The learning & development also known as training & development, is concerned with activities focused at improving the performance of individuals and groups. The scope ranges from organizational and competency development across leadership, departments and functions to support the training and education needs of individuals. It also includes the soft side of development, coaching and mentoring, as well as the technological side of training, the development and implementation of learning management systems. Last but not least, HR technology is the area that specializes in all systems and tools used in the HR department, including large ERP modules by SAP, Oracle or Microsoft, and more niche solutions per functional domain.

Services for Candidates

Next Vision Technologies helps not only clients but the candidates also by helping them enhancing their skills sets on personal and professional level to help them achieve the professional goals.

Resume Development — It is a skill to form a resume to catch the recruiter’s eye. We help candidates by teaching them to write resume in the correct way and hence increase their chances of selection.

Personnel Development — It is not enough to have bookish skills but to have interpersonal skills and to utilize them in effective way is vital for personnel development. Here we teach strategies and frameworks for personnel growth.

Interview Preparation — Weprovide the services for the preparation for the preparation of interview. It includes the appearance to the way to represent yourself in the interview and outstand in the performance.

Interview Line up and Feedback Sharing — This includes the service to line up for different companies and gets the feedback on your performance and also the opportunity to improve the performance.